Security for Farms

iStock_000008131972XSmallLivestock and farm machinery is valuable, portable and easy to steal – Protocol and Canine can provide farm and rural-site security in Norfolk and the surrounding counties.

When kept in remote, unguarded rural locations, agricultural equipment can make an appealing target to thieves and farm security can become a real concern.

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What can farmers do to prevent rural theft?

Farm security advice from the police is that farmers should regularly check on fields where animals are grazing, install CCTV where valuable machinery is stored and add tracking devices. However this approach is not always practical or affordable.

Meanwhile an NFU Farm and Rural Security Survey showed that 64% of their branches believed that better security measures were the key to reducing rural crime rates.

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That is where canine farm security and dog patrols come in. Protocol and Canine can organise regular dog patrols for farms. Alternatively a group of neighbouring farms can club their resources together for a more economical farm security solution.

Visible canine security deters opportunistic rural crime, and can persuade criminals planning farm theft to look elsewhere for their next target.